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Somewhere inbetween
Hand painted action figure mounted on 2mm acrylic panel.

19cm x 27cm

Signed Limited Edition of 30

£50.00 + £8.50 p+p





This piece is inspired by the writings of evolutionary behavioural scientist Gad Saad. It plays with the question of whether gender preferences (boys to want solider toys, for example) are determined by nature or nurture. I think it is a mixture of both. Saad's research finds that even at the pre-socilaisation stage infants tend to choose "male" or "female" toys consistent with their gender (girlsinstinctvely  select dolls over trucks, for example).  Yet it is undeniable that society, through design, marketing and advertising, also plays a huge role in influencing our perceptions of what we "should" be as a boy/man or girl/woman.

Hence this piece takes a traditonally male toy and flips on it's head by presenting it using branding in keeping with stereotypical girl's toys to represent what I think is a 50/50 split between nature and nurture with respect to gender preferences.

This is a piece of artwork, not a toy.  This is not suitable for children and should not be opened.

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