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Another one you desperately need
Hand painted action figure mounted on 2mm acrylic panel, printed double sided.

19cm x 27cm

Signed Limited Edition of 30

Buying action figures was my first conscious experience of conspicuous consumption.The burning desire to have the next one, caress the box with reverence before ripping open, and all too promptly adding the figure to the endless pile of similar cast plastic corpses. It didn’t matter they were all basically the same, the lust to go through the whole ceremony again was all consuming.

As the packaging states, “it’s not what I do that matters, it’s how I promise to make you feel”.

The irony of creating the most superfluous item there can be to sell (a piece of artwork) that comments on our flaw in always wanting what we don’t need is not lost on me.

 £50.00 + £8.50 p+p


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